Acute Inflections: Musical Duo Says “Love Without Fear” 
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Acute Inflections: Musical Duo Says “Love Without Fear” 

Sadiki and Elasea–love’s got everything to do with it. Photo: @Divad

Music sustains us in many ways. It’s the melodic connection to spirit. It gives us a lift on low days, rhythm to activate our bodies, and harmonies to express our complexities when we don’t have the words. 

The enchanting jazz duo, Acute Inflections, provides an exquisite offering of music’s delicate yet complex storytelling. 

Acute Inflections is made up of vocalist Elasea Douglas and upright bassist Sadiki Pierre. Their name speaks to their instrumentation. They invite you to become curious about this new experience, blending styles that elevate 

the subtleties and intricate nature of their duality. They were initially discouraged about their musical approach. 

They were told “bass and voice are too opposite.” They’ve beautifully proved those critics wrong.

Many couples have said their “I Do’s” and raised a glass to Acute Inflections’ tunes at hundreds of weddings and private events across the country. 

They have shared the stage with Jennifer Hudson, Sting, and DJ Jazzy Jeff to name a few. Their 2017 debut EP, “Brave”, was in the Top-10 RMR Top 50 Jazz Chart for five weeks, with their cover of Prince’s “Kiss” at number one, for eight weeks. 

Their music is romantic, warm, and alluring. There is familiarity with layers of nuance. They give covers a new jolt and their original music is on a horizon all its own. As they celebrate a decade of collaboration it’s clear that their connection is kismet. Elasea is a first generation Jamaican-American New York City native. She started singing in church and continued to develop her talents throughout middle school, high school, and went on to study at Hunter College. She landed a role in Broadway’s 2009 phenomenal production of “Fela.” 

As a vocalist Elasea Douglas’ greatest influences are Whitney Houston for her storytelling; Sade for her subtlety; Nina Simone because she told it like it is and didn’t mind being un-pretty; and Billie Holiday because she was carefree. 

With all those powers combined Elasea gracefully bends every note with pizzazz and charm.

Love, love, love.

Sadiki Pierre’s family is from Dominica but he was born in Trinidad, and moved to the United States when he was eight. Everyone sang and played an instrument in his family. But he admits he actually got into music as a joke. Seizing the opportunity to leave his sixth grade class for an extracurricular activity. Following the music students he chose the upright bass because there was no competition for it. This haphazard decision would unlock a talent that would enrich his life for years to come. 

Sadiki was introduced to classical music and jazz, then got an infusion of hip hop after moving to the United States. For him music “is all about the groove.” His greatest influences are James Brown and Michael Jackson for how tightly they embody the groove, with every breath. Ron Carter, Marcus Miller, and Charles Mingus have also given him great inspiration.

Elasea and Sadiki are a musical duo and a romantic couple. It heightens their synergy as artists and it has become the grounding center of their lives. They covered “I Will Always Love You” on their 2019 album “Electric Psychology”. In the introduction Elasea says, “Whitney Houston was one of my idols. Her music made me feel powerful enough to achieve things that I could not have imagined. When she passed away on February 11th, 2012, I was heartbroken. But the very next day I met Sadiki and I believe the timing was not a coincidence.” 

Elasea was slated to perform at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on the night Whitney Houston passed away. She was devastated and was going to cancel. Ultimately she decided to honor Whitney’s legacy and go forward with the show. Sadiki was at that performance as a wing-man for a friend who was entertaining a potential date. They met after the show and the rest is history. 

At the time of their meeting Sadiki hadn’t played bass in 10 years. He calls the bass a “Cinderella instrument. It gets no love but is so necessary. It bridges rhythmic and melodic worlds. Bass is foundational, you have to know your role, and can be in a box. I didn’t want to just do that, I can express more fully in other ways.” 

Fortunately Elasea encouraged him to get back into it. Sadiki found a renewed inspiration and started filling in for bassists that flaked out on gigs. A year after their meeting they started working together. Blending your talents with the person you love is a blessing. 

“The best thing that has happened to me, us, it’s the most fulfilling, well-rounded experience, to grow as a whole person. It’s a lifestyle, a movement,” Elasea says. They believe they are a divine collaboration, put together for a purpose. They are in tune to what the spirit wants them to be doing by “staying open and risky. Intentionally being the universe’s playground.” 

Sadiki adds, referring to artificial intelligence, “Especially in the time of AI we recognize we are the bridge to humanity in a loving way.”

Elasea asserts that it’s important “staying in connection to spirit, thanking the ancestors that opened the doors and suffered the abuses just to give us the opportunity to walk through a front door of a theatre.” For Sadiki it’s an honor “returning to the craft and the discipline and being successful.”  

Being a collaborating couple can be challenging. You don’t get a break from each other. All the roles and responsibilities are fluid and happening at the same time; but that is a reflection of their music. Sadiki says they hope they are “inspiring people to love in spite of their differences. Stick together. And remember to be kind, gracious, and humble.” 

When I was listening to their 2022 album “Let Go” I was deeply moved by track seven “Only Together.” Elasea’s voice wafts through the air punctuated by Sadiki’s gentle tempo. “In times like these, we need each other, our love creates strength, but only together.” 

It is true tranquility and a necessary message. Their mission is to unify and inspire. When you attend an Acute Inflections performance you will get an organic show. They engage with the audience, improvise, give birthday shout-outs, and rib on each other with playful banter. Elasea believes, “We are co-creators with The Creator so let’s have fun. Nothing is impossible.”

Acute Inflections makes music that dares you to take a chance on love, take a chance on your expression, take a chance on how beautiful life can be. 

Sadiki says, “Say no to things that aren’t a good fit and don’t inspire you and your community. We have been hijacked. Our self-destruction has long been for profit. We need to start saying ‘no that’ and say ‘yes’ to our higher selves.” 

Find out more about Acute Inflections at for show information, mailing list, music, discounts and more. 

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