Welcome To Sunday Best Magazine
Publisher's Comment

Welcome To Sunday Best Magazine

Publisher Milton Allimadi.

Welcome to this pioneer issue of Sunday Best Magazine, a monthly publication geared toward professionals in the Africana world. How did I come up with the publication’s name and what is the main objective of Sunday Best Magazine?

Many years ago I was jogging in Harlem, New York City, when I glanced toward a church building—I can’t recall which one—right at the moment that the congregation was letting out. The doors opened and the congregants, well-dressed sisters and brothers, flowed out in a display of spectacular colors. I was so captivated that I stopped running. The words “Sunday Best” echoed in my mind. That’s the origin of the name.

The main mission is to create an editorial platform where professionals in the Africana World—African Americans, Caribbean and African immigrants, especially those eager to give back to their communities—can congregate each month to “ground” with each other. Some of them are eager to also don their “Sunday Bests.” They don’t all have to do so.

Join us on what looks to be a great journey.

Their professions range from: business, the church, politics, education, law, medicine, finance, engineering, real estate development, arts and entertainment, and other fields.

They’ll be able to share their stories; they’ll explain how they became successful—or how they’re working toward success, in their respective professions, and how they plan to lower the ladder so that others can also climb and enjoy success. They’ll educate readers of Sunday Best Magazine and learn from peers; they’ll communicate with and network with innovative, creative, and ambitious folk; and they’ll have opportunities to collaborate with others in building and growing socio-political and economic assets and power in the Africana World.

This inaugural issue of Sunday Best Magazine features Cheryl McKissack Daniel on the cover of the physical version of the magazine. She’s CEO of McKissack & Mckissack, a legacy Black-owned design and construction company founded by her ancestors in 1905. It’s also the oldest and largest Black-owned construction firm in the U.S. The brilliant story is written by the Gillian Glasco. This issue also features a Brooklyn pastor, Vivian Grubb, who’s a builder in his own right. Alarmed by the shortage of affordable housing in his community, Pastor Grubb partnered with the City of New York, the State, and a private real estate developer and used the vertical space above his church to construct affordable housing for low-income residents. Although there were only 67 units available there were 35,000 applications submitted highlighting the urgency of affordable housing. This important story was written by Arnelle Williams.

In this issue, we also learn about the dangers of asymptomatic hypertension from a leading researcher in that field, Dr. Kim Souffront, Associate Director, Center for Nursing Research at the Mount Sinai Health System. She’s also an Assistant Professor of emergency medicine and a nurse practitioner. Many people with the condition are unaware of the related ailments that they already have including heart diseases—meaning there are many potential “Walking Deads” in our communities. Dr. Souffrant hopes her pioneering discoveries can be timely-translated into impactful life-saving interventions. This highly informative interview was conducted by Kemi Gbohunmi.

These are just a few of the well-researched, eye-opening, and well-written articles you’ll enjoy in this first issue of Sunday Best Magazine. In upcoming issues we’ll introduce new sections as well as Sunday Best events, including financial literacy, home-ownership, and health-and-wellness seminars.

We hope you’ll subscribe to the physical version and spread the word.

Advertisers and event sponsors can reach out to me via [email protected] or Vernon Verdree via [email protected]

Milton Allimadi

IG: milton allimadi

X: @allimadi

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