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Maurice Russell Grey: Esra Realty Firm’s Third-generation leader 

Maurice Russell Grey shown with author Arnelle Williams. All Photos: Rose Cherubin TV producer, screenwriter, and media mogul Shonda Rhimes may have popularized the surname Grey because of her hit show Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present). But there is a real-life Grey family, who for three generations has continued to make a difference in real estate in […]

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Cheryl McKissack Daniel—The “Hidden Figure” Of Construction Industry

McKissack Daniel–growing the family business empire, one brick at a time. Photos: Anthony Artis. Far too often the ingenuity and contributions of Black Americans are erased, hidden, or simply never acknowledged in the history of the United States. The legacy of exploited labor and the subjugation of enslaved Africans in this country has sustained a […]

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Cover Story Sunday Best Attire

Her “Sunday Best”: Meet Mama Gwen Glasco of Little Rock

Gwen Glasco says, “Your first impression is your lasting impression.” Photos: James Freeman. How we dress correlates to how we relate to the world. I learned this lesson first-hand from my mother Gwen Glasco. She took pride in her appearance for all occasions. She always found the most glamorous pieces on a budget or could […]

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Publisher's Comment

Welcome To Sunday Best Magazine

Publisher Milton Allimadi. Welcome to this pioneer issue of Sunday Best Magazine, a monthly publication geared toward professionals in the Africana world. How did I come up with the publication’s name and what is the main objective of Sunday Best Magazine? Many years ago I was jogging in Harlem, New York City, when I glanced […]

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Head Over to The Edge Harlem For Taste of Jamaica and Britain

Juliet and Justine Masters. Sunday Best Magazine can attest that the food is great. Photo: Anthony Artis. The pandemic could not have come at a more inopportune time for Justine and Juliette Masters, the sisters who own and operate Edge Harlem the popular community-oriented restaurant uptown.  Their business had just celebrated five-years, the magical number […]

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Pastor Profile

Pastor Grubb: Noteworthy Leadership, Small Church, Mighty Contribution

Pastor Grubb rolls up his sleeves and does the work. Photos: Anthony Artis. For a mid-September Tuesday afternoon, the weather was still warm. I was on Atlantic Avenue heading towards Eastern Parkway and wasn’t sure when I’d stumble upon the church. There was no visible sign: an awning or church van, but a tall man […]

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Cover Story Health & Wellness

Q & A: Dr. Kimberly Souffront’s Frontline Battles With Hypertension

Dr. Souffront–doing the good work battling hypertension. Photos: Brian Schutza. Dr. Kimberly Souffront is Associate Director of the Center for Nursing Research and Innovation at the Mount  Sinai Health System and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Core Faculty at the Institute for Health Equity Research at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai […]

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Arts & Music Cover Story

Acute Inflections: Musical Duo Says “Love Without Fear” 

Sadiki and Elasea–love’s got everything to do with it. Photo: @Divad Music sustains us in many ways. It’s the melodic connection to spirit. It gives us a lift on low days, rhythm to activate our bodies, and harmonies to express our complexities when we don’t have the words.  The enchanting jazz duo, Acute Inflections, provides […]

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